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Ltl Acorn Latest Mini30 White Light night test review

The Mini30 trail camera uses a genuine 14MP image sensor, and unique white light LEDs to capture full colour images at night time. It’s capable of much higher resolution images than many trail cameras on the market. Using interpolation it can capture 30MP images! It’s also capable of recording HD 1080P video footage with clear audio. You can set the camera to take photos only, videos only or both. Weatherproof to IP68 rating, this is higher than most other trail cameras meaning a longer lasting, reliable camera across all seasons & weather conditions.

Detachable LCD Screen
The Mini30 trail camera does not have a built in screen but instead uses a detachable screen. This means you can have many cameras and just one screen. So, you would take the external screen out with you when setting up or for checking recordings, connect it to the camera and you can playback any recordings or access the menu system and change the set up. The external screen requires no extra power as it will draw this from the camera when connected. An external screen makes positioning the camera very easy as you can see exactly what the camera is “looking” at whilst your setting up.

Ltl Acorn Latest Mini30 White Light night test review

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