Doe-N-Estrus: is collected from individual Doe as the Doe start to show signs of being in estrus. Doe-N-Estrus urine has been known to be the most productive during the Rut but has been proven to be just as effective during the Pre Rut and Post Rut periods as well. Not all whitetails go in their Estrus cycles at the same time and if a Doe is not bread it could go into another Estrus Cycle up to 28 days later during the Post Rut period .

This scent can be applied several ways one is to use a single drag applied with a good supply of Doe-N-Estrus urine.Another method is to apply to several scrapes in or around the selected hunting area and drag a drag from one scrape to another as approaching your stand.This urine paired with our 2oz spray mist bottles is an extremely effective way to lure in that Buck.




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